I live in Southern California with my family. At age 18, I was paralyzed from the shoulders down in a car accident, and I am now living my best life as a quadriplegic.

Kim Anderson

Welcome to my site! I try my best to write insightful articles about relevant topics, and I use stories from my experience to really bring them to life. My overall aim is to shine the light of hope and charity, to hopefully make the world better than the day before for someone.

I Have Four Postsecondary Degrees:

Associate of Humanities Degree

Bachelor of Arts in Literature & Writing

Associate of Human Behavioral Science

Master of Education Degree with focus in diverse learners

Some of My Past Experiences

Once, I Joined Every Single Extracurricular Club at My High School
I didn’t actually stay in all of them, because I got kicked out of speech and debate because I ditched a competition to watch a movie at a nearby theater, which was “against the rules” for some reason. Also, I didn’t like Future Farmers of America or FBLA, but I did have a real presence in the yearbook that year.

Middle School Citizenship Award of the Year
This was kind of a big deal, guys, because they only picked one person per grade to receive this high honor. And my eighth grade class had like 300 kids in it, maybe more. I also got a trophy. I know my parents were proud of me, but they didn’t congratulate me with a parade, or a day on the calendar to celebrate me, or confetti, or by giving me a car, or you know, by giving me a hug and telling me that they were proud. They gave me a “good job, Kim.” But I really would’ve liked to have extended this accomplishment in my life, which is why I’m bringing it up right now.

That Time I Got to Ride in a Helicopter
Coincidentally, this was also the day I broke my neck, and the helicopter I was riding in was a medical helicopter transporting me to the hospital! If I hadn’t had just gone cliff jumping, this would’ve definitely been the highlight of that day.

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